Re: Baofeng group, and a questioin about CHIRP

M. K.

Chirp works fine, the cable issue will potentially exist no matter which cable is used.
Certain cables will need older drivers installed(I've never needed to do this on several different cables I've used, but it DOES happen).
Chirp is generally easy to use, you should not have much trouble using it.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 11:23 AM Donald Hellen <donhellen@...> wrote:
I just started a group on about Baofeng radios.

It will take a while to get traction, but you got to begin somewhere.

Whether you like Chinese radios or not, these are very popular as
entry-level radios. I would prefer a more easily programmable radio
but for less than $20 for the bare basic models, I don't think there's
much room to complain.

Does anyone here have experience with CHIRP? I ordered a cable
recommended by Baofeng and sold by their outlet on Amazon, the one
with the FTDI chip, which is supposed to be Windows-friendly. I didn't
want to buy one of the sub-$10 ones since so many complain that the
driver doesn't recognize the clone chip based cables.

I actually have the RT Systems cable and disc somewhere but can't
locate it, and I wanted something that I could learn that's free so I
could just lend my cable to a fellow ham, send them a file by email or
Dropbox, and have them learn how to do it on their own (helping them
if they had trouble, of course).

I have the book "Programming Amateur Radios with CHIRP" by Brian
Schell. It only refers to the cables with the Prolific (?) chip, and
the pictures are VERY tiny, but I think it might be helpful. However,
if someone here were available off-list if I needed some help, that
would be great (I Might not need any help though).

Donald -- AD8DY

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