Re: Looking for a circuit design for bandpass active audio filter

Donald Hellen


That would probably do it but it's not just the board, it's a kit with
the enclosure, and I'd be paying for a nice enclosure that I wouldn't
be able to use.

I'd like to see his circuit though.

If I'm going to use anything ready-made or in a kit, I would want a
board-only device, with no enclosure. I think one of the common ham
radio band pass filter circuit diagrams I found would work, using one
or two 741 IC op amps. I have some quad op amps handy, and probably
some 741C's as well.

Donald -- AD8DY
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On Fri, 25 Dec 2020 22:44:15 -0700, "Mike Reed" <>

Did some searching and found the site I mentioned-

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