New ham groups added, new pricing structure on Jan 18, 2021 (long post, intentionally cross-posted)

Donald Hellen

First, the new pricing structure for NEWLY formed groups on
beginning January 18, 2021.

Basic (free) groups formed on or after that date stay free *up to 100
members*. After that, it will need to be upgraded to a premium group.
Premium groups ($220/year) are good up to 400 members, after which a
per-member fee ($.05 per month or $0.55 per year) is added to the $220
per year premium group fee. That will bring a burden on some new
groups, so I created some more ham groups that may grow, or flounder,
but I wanted to beat the deadline so those groups will not be charged
extra fees, or any fees, for that matter. If they take off and are
useful, that will be great. If they flounder, I might just delete the
group if members agree, or if there are no co-owners by the time I
review whether the group is worth keeping.

If you were thinking of creating a group for one of your interests,
THIS IS THE TIME TO DO SO before the new pricing structure goes into
effect. If you need help with that, email me *privately* and if I'm
not overwhelmed with requests, I will try to help. You must be willing
to assume group ownership as I will leave the group after creating it
and you've been made a group owner. If you need help getting started
with the group, I can hang around for a short while and direct you to
documentation on how to run a group.

As for the new groups I created last evening, I will list their web
addresses below.

Please contact me *privately* ONLY IF you are interested in joining
one of these groups AND ARE UNABLE to use the join button on the web
site or find the join process confusing. I would like to avoid what
happened when Yahoo closed their groups and I offered to help people
if they were unable to join themselves. I was overwhelmed with
requests to help, and I'm sure not all of those were from people who
had difficulty joining, so please give it a try yourself first. Go to
the site and press the join button on the group(s) you are interested
in. Follow the simple instructions and you will be approved. All new
members will be moderated for a short time so don't expect to post
immediately. There's only one moderator right now (me), and I work for
a living, sleep at night, and take naps because of my health condition
in late afternoons sometimes. I donate some of my time for community
work, am a minister, and have to wisely use my time.

But I don't want anyone to not join one of these groups because they
find it difficult to join.

YOU CAN JOIN ANY OF THESE GROUPS BY EMAIL by sending a message to the
subscribe address. Take the web address name at the end of the URL and
change it by adding to it.

For the FT-757 group (as an example):
Send an email to this address:
no body text is required in the message, just the address, but to make
your email program happy, you can put the word subscribe in the
subject and message fields.

These new lists are email reflectors only with no storage (a change
that was made almost a year ago by GIO's owner). If I had created them
before February 2020, they would have storage. We will work something
out for storage if the groups get large enough and have a need for

I will need moderators for these new groups, and soon after they get
on their feet, a co-owner who has some real interest and hopefully
experience with these different brands of radios.

Contact me off-list if you are interested in volunteering with any of
these groups. I will help you out with anything you need to know about
how to manage a group as a moderator or co-owner.

I will list the NEW groups first, then list the other amateur radio
groups I created.

Note that most of these are not model-specific and are
"general-purpose" groups for a BRAND of radio or a general-purpose
group for a type of equipment. I did not create any group for which
there already was a general-purpose discussion group for that brand of
radio, like Drake and some others. I am not interested in amassing a
lot of groups to manage. My purpose is just to see that interests in
major amateur radio brands are covered by some group for our amateur
radio community.

Let me know *privately* if I missed a MAJOR brand of vintage or
current brand of amateur radio and I will decide if I want to create a
group for that, but I'm not interested in managing lots and lots of
ham groups. My purpose is to get these groups created so they will be
grandfathered under the old pricing structure and won't cost the group
owner (me) money based on how many members there are.

Antennas will be covered by our ham-antennas group, so I didn't think
creating a new group for the major makers of antennas would be useful
and might just splinter the community across more groups. The antenna
tuners group is not approved yet but should be by later today so you
should be able to join in a few hours if you're interested.

The NEW groups are:

Antenna Tuners
EF Johnson
MFJ ham equipment

Existing groups created previously:

CHIRP radio programming tool
Yaesu FT-757
Yaesu FT-767GX (only 1 member, me)
Ham radio antennas
Ham Radio Help group
Icom 746
Icom 746 Pro
RF Amplifiers

Donald -- AD8DY
Formerly KJ3I

Some ham radio groups you may be interested in:

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