Re: ****HRHG Bi-Weekly Group Statement - Mon, 01/11/2021 #cal-notice

Ken Crouse

Thought I'd just remind everyone about online testing. Its up and running - a great development for the hobby in my opinion. I'm one of the newer W5YI / ARRL VE's and have been amazed at the ease of licensing and upgrading compared to just a few years ago when I was first licensed (2015) and upgraded (2018). No longer waiting for a test day that only comes up once a month and traveling to some location tying up half of the day or longer. My current observations are that a new licensee testing with W5YI will have their call-sign in the FCC database in less than 48-hours (more like noon Pacific the next day is pretty typical). If looking for online testing opportunities, check out  as one resource.  You do not have to me in the local area to the person administering the exam - just need Internet access and a computer with the Zoom app installed. I live in northern California and the VE team I'm working with reside in California, Oregon, Texas, NJ and MD. One afternoon last week our four examinees were from four different states as well.  I couldn't be happier about this development - makes entry (and upgrading) into the hobby so much easier.
73, Ken K6KEC
Folsom, CA USA

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