MFJ-1279 sound card interface (the OLD one)

Donald Hellen

I picked up an OLD MFJ-1279 sound card interface at the Hamvention a
few years ago for almost nothing. It has a nice case I might be able
to use for something else but it might still be useful for its
original intended purpose.

It has a serial interface (RS-232) to connect to a computer, a
microphone in and out connector (the latter on the end of a cable),
audio out to the radio and in from the radio's speaker output, and
audio to/from a computer sound card,

I wondered about a few things. I can probably figure out which
switches inside to set for an Icom radio like the 7100 or 7300. But
I've never tried a USB to serial interface, which is probably what I
might need to use to connect the PC with the interface. The second
thing I wonder about is since my PCs only have a headphone jack, not
complete access to the internal sound card, but I do have an unused
USB external sound card with those inputs, and wondered if that would

The third item is what software to use with this? I didn't get the
CDROM that originally came with this, but it was in the Win XP era
when this was sold, so this is an older version of the product. Maybe
HRD would work with this?

Just wondering what your thoughts were about this. I know the
7100/7300 both have a USB sound card interface built into the radio,
but I haven't had much time to spend fiddling with that and so far
only have rig control as far as changing bands and frequencies. I
can't send CW, for instance.

Is this just too old a thing to even think about making it work with
either of my radios?

If I can get this working, I might e able to give it to a person I'm
mentoring for getting set up for ham radio. He just got his tech
license and plans to take the general test in the fall. He won't be
able to afford a new radio and I'll probably steer him toward an Icom
so I can lend him a few accessories to try or keep.


Donald -- AD8DY
Formerly KJ3I

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