Adapter Vendor Re: [HamRadioHelp] Use case for N Male to N Female Adapter

Matthew Johnson

On a related topic, I found a place that has many RF adapters available and specifically serves Ham Radio operators. He was at a hamfest I attended. They are WB0W, Inc.

Here is a link to their N adapter catalog page:
Here is the front page of the catalog:
Here is the main page:

Best, -Matt KD0LVH

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On Sun, 18 Oct 2020 19:20:31 -0700, "Dwayne Terry" <>
Can anyone give me a use case for a Male to Female adapter of the same type? Example in link is an N Male to an N Female? Short of trying to protect the original female connection is there any other use for these things
You may be correct. I bought some to protect my SMA connectors on my
NanoVNA. Reportedly they're fragile and wear out after repeated use.
Replacing the adapter is a lot easier than replacing the one soldered
to the board.
An excellent idea to avoid soldering.

Other than that, unless you're doing a sharp bend, I can't think of
any, and some of those 90 degree adapters (239/259) are made so
cheaply the impedance is not constant through them. I understand
Amphenol is the way to go for those.
I agree. The adapter you recently added may be bad if you are getting a
high (or higher) SWR afterwards. An easy way to see which one is bad
is to swap it out with a known good one or as Donald mentioned, one
from a high Q manufacturer like Amphenol.