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Just wondered if anyone in the group here will be testing this month the next?? Anyone taking any Ham VE tests be it for a new Tech license or current Hams going for an upgrade license? If so post a message and let us know when you are going or if you have questions before you go. We would like to support you and remember to ask how you made out on your testing. Also, we can answer your test-related questions about anything that doesn't make sense to you in the question pool. Someone here should be able to help.

If you're not in the US, we're still interested in your progress in taking your certification test to get your license. We know US hams aren't the only hams in the world and we welcome new ones to our ranks no matter where they live. We don't have the questions on your test(s) but we can still probably answer your questions about ham radio concepts, so if you have a study guide for your country's test and don't understand something in that guide, ask your question here. The concepts are the same no matter which country you live in.

The FCC question pools are posted in our files section. You can also find web sites that will test you on randomly selected questions from those pools. Please make these resources available to increase your chances of passing.

Once you have passed and have your license, don't just be satisfied to be an "appliance operator," not learning any of the things that really make ham radio great, and some of those will save you money, like learning how to make your own simple (or complicated) antennas. You can learn more about antennas for amateur radio by joining this other group of ours:

and buying a new or used copy of one of the ARRL antenna books. There's a lot of information to be gained from those books and more in our files section.

Donald Hellen

I thought I'd mention a friend of mine studied for his tech license
and got it on the first try. He also took sample tests along with
studying, and I think that helped him see where he needed to focus
more attention on.

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Just wondered if anyone in the group here will be testing this month the next??

Some ham radio groups you may be interested in: