Ham Radio Deluxe Pre-Release Announcement

Donald Hellen

Ham Radio Deluxe Pre-Release Announcement

We are pleased to provide an update on the November 2020 release of Ham Radio Deluxe. There are just a few minor items left to tend. A release is imminent.

Here is what will be included in this release:

Bulk Callsign Lookup – this feature will allow you to select multiple QSOs in your log and perform the callsign lookup function on them. You will be able to choose whether to fill only empty fields or fill all fields in the QSO. If your enabled lookup sources have data to fill those fields, it will do so automatically. This will be very helpful for those who import logs into HRD Logbook from other programs. This feature will be perpetually available to customers whose Software Maintenance and Support expiration date is beyond the release date for this release.

Additionally, the following improvements are available to all Ham Radio Deluxe customers:

CQ US Counties award tracking initial version
    ICOM IC-705 added
    FTDX101D/MP antenna switch added
    Google Earth Pro integrated to Logbook and Satellite Tracking
    QSL labeling fixed for Brother and Dymo label printers
    ILGRadio shortwave database again supported
    Outstanding items in Logbook Lookup Pane fixed
    Daylight savings time issue with Satellite Tracking fixed
    Fixed issue that prevents activation keys from being deactivated

Our developers - Doug, Will, and Kevin - have done a fantastic job on getting this release ready. Thanks to them.

Again, this is a pre-announcement. We will have an announcement within the next few days when the release is made available.

For those who seek to renew Software Maintenance and Support, watch for deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday via email and social media.

73 de Mike, WA9PIE, VK4EIE

HRD Software